Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Time a great leveller ! It keeps everyone grounded. Today if we are low , tomorrow we will reach heights .. Time is slow and time is fast ! Gets us to think, how can time be fast and fly away so fast and sometimes so slow, that it crawls ... when something is happening like watching a movie or enjoying a book, we never check time during that activity, whereas while doing any boring activity all we do is check time. Well, it's when we check time that makes a difference ...

Oh ! writing made me forgot about time .. well, Whatever happens , always happens for the best, in best of times..

here's a little something.. 

..and the time flies away...
with the sound sleep of the child..
with the breeze on your cheeks..
with the smell of the food in the kitchen..
time flies.. and as soon as you blink..
it's another day.. another challenge..

I am no Shakespeare !

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
William Shakespeare 

William Shakespeare - A famous writer and a famous poet ! He wrote and it became a classic . What times those must have been. Not only times, I think about him, how he must have been , was he a good person or did he experience so many things that it was easy for him to imagine stories full of a range of emotions . Emotions and feelings which are so real even today.

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.
William Shakespeare 

Famous lines of shakespeare and why not.. these are the crux of our existence.

Should we be what we are or should we be what others think we are. I have always been myself trying to all that my parents taught me about being a good person, doing good things and always taking things in a positive way. But there are times when people try to drag you down, sometimes your own loved once and sometimes total strangers. Should you feel hurt , should you ignore or should you strike back ?

Ignorance is a bliss but a forced ignorance takes a toll on ur mental health. Its unhealthy. I think most of the time we end up being hurt, being hurt by our own people and I just hate it !

Oh Woman ! Where are you ?

O woman, where are you ?
Behind the skirt of your mom,
Playing hide and seek,
Happily ignorant of your fate,

Today you are small and innocent,
Not sure of your way,
When you grow up chains will come your way,
in form of various ways..

Sometimes, you will be a daughter,
biding by your father's wish,
and then a faithful wife,
forever a shadow and not in sight ..

O woman, where are you ?
Fly fly , fly so high..
Let no bound be bound to you,
Let no chain be tight to you,
Rise high and shine bright..

O woman, stand up high !

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A shockfull of love

I still remember the day, the first time you gave me a shock.

Well, you knew how to surprise your mom throughout. Even before you came, when you were an eight month old angel inside me, you decided to play a game with me. That was a busy day, a very busy one with lots of guests at home. I cannot forget it .. I even remember how I was worried that I had not felt you even once since the whole day, not a single kick or a knock from inside, telling me that you were safe and sound. Your usual swimming strokes were missing. I was worried.. so quietly I went inside the bedroom and lied down, trying to figure out what might have happened.

My mom saw me n understood that something must be worrying me.. something important. She sensed it. You know mom's are like this, they have a special antennae, which keeps working all the time, sensing and keeping situations under her control. Well, I had started acquiring these properties now, that I was going to be a new mom.

My jute cotton, green n blue striped suit was not helping me much in keeping my calm. It was feeling sticky as I had started worrying more. As soon as mom understood the situation, she came n sat by me. I drank some milk, hoping you might move.. my family surrounded me and started talking loudly to awaken you from your deep slumber, but you did not budge. Every second was becoming difficult for us and we finally took a decision to go to the hospital.

Once we ran into the gynaecology ward, machines were put around where you might be and thankfully, we could feel the heart beat, going strong, but you were still not moving ! The nurse pushed you side to side, still you would not budge.. Finally the doctor ran in and asked me what all did I eat and there we had a moment of illumination ! How would today's child react to a snack of milk and biscuits ? They will run away and avoid eating it... It's coke which you wanted ! The first sip and there, you gave the biggest kick out of sheer joy of having coke !

What a beautiful moment that was ! I love coke .. no wonder why !

And today after twelve years when you asked me if you could drink some coke, you reminded me of that moment, when you did not need to be told about what is coke and the kick it gives !!!

You were safe and sound that day and I wish you will remain so forever .

Dear Daughter, I love you ,


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