Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Time a great leveller ! It keeps everyone grounded. Today if we are low , tomorrow we will reach heights .. Time is slow and time is fast ! Gets us to think, how can time be fast and fly away so fast and sometimes so slow, that it crawls ... when something is happening like watching a movie or enjoying a book, we never check time during that activity, whereas while doing any boring activity all we do is check time. Well, it's when we check time that makes a difference ...

Oh ! writing made me forgot about time .. well, Whatever happens , always happens for the best, in best of times..

here's a little something.. 

..and the time flies away...
with the sound sleep of the child..
with the breeze on your cheeks..
with the smell of the food in the kitchen..
time flies.. and as soon as you blink..
it's another day.. another challenge..

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  1. that is true. everyone has 24 hrs. we just prioritize differently to spend time on things differently


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