Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Highs and Lows

Somedays are high and somedays go low.. am not talking about emotions or varying moods of a woman.. I am talking of the way the highs and lows decide the way a dress is worn .. the way the closet is arranged , the way a friends are approached.. The confidence given by the low and the bad temper because of the high really changes how we approach any situation..

Ok, you must be really going crazy by now what I am talking about.. high giving bad temper n low boosting confidence !! whats with the closet and the dresses.. nothing much but and increase in numbers increases the size of a woman and decrease in its number boosts confidence as everything starts fitting in.

Yes, am talking of weight management which has driven all women crazy, thinnest one too, the ones with the best figure.. not that I have one..

I have often been on and off.. on and off.. from gym to yoga.. yoga to power yoga.. done everything and finally ended with a conclusion that no matter what laziness does not help.

My enthusiasm to be more active led to the intrusion of all sorts of exercising machines in my house, eating on my space, hoping that this will decrease my space.. does it ? What is missing… there is a treadmill , a stepper and a whole home gym which stands like a big giant robot, challenging me to use them. Oh, of course I would love to use them , use them to the best , to the full potential, take the juice out of them and ultimately squash myself to fit myself in a size zero ( Oh Kareena.. why did u even invent this term.. its the most abused one and the most unreachable fad of the latest time. ).

Forget the size zero, even decent sizes are un-attainable as I try to get near to the machines.

Finally, after reading many a books, after lectures from friends and family, about things I already know about .. but its always easier to talk than to do, am  I not right ?, I get full of enthusiasm and decide to take the plunge.  All accessories are ready and with jogging shoes on, I start my jog.  I finally do it and am happy. But this is not the situation always, sometimes I try to achieve results by just staring at the treadmill and imagining that I am mentally running and walking at the speed of my choice, of course, need to move those lazy bums which refuse to budge.

HowI wish my body would react fast to all the exercising.. it does but slowly.. after six months of jogging n walking I do reach to a nice point but two days of indulgence and I am back to where I was six months ago.

Well, Now I am on a plan.. again.. yes again… always coming back like a spider who does not give up on climbing even after falling down again and again. There are days which are low and days which are high which make me go high and go low respectively and yes.. I know and acknowledge that they will be there.. and I will also be there to convert the highs into lows.

more to come ….

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