Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The reason of my existence

I have heard lots of expressions from my son and my daughter including I love you, I hate you, I like you and I want you to be with me forever.. but the best one was the latest one.. “Your smell is the reason of of my existence !!!”.. it was a surprise…
I had gone out since morning for some exercising. When I returned back after 2 hours, I was all drenched in sweat.. all smelling and feeling very tired. As soon as I entered all I wanted to do was to lie down and sleep for a while.. of course we all need a nice nap after any form of exercise..
My son saw me and came running.. and shouting ..”Where were you ?” , he started smelling me and said “Oh ! the reason of my existence ”  I was so surprised and wondered whether he had read this expression somewhere.. no he had not.. it was such a genuine statement coming from a ten year old.  “Mom, your smell is what I was missing “..
Made me crumble inside..

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