Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 - A new beginning

I took too long to reach to this point. Its been so many days already, year 2015 has started in a new land among new people, a new life.

I have taken it very easy since past few months.. no exercise at all.  All I have done is to bring the mat from inside the store till the room and scared at it, imagining myself doing all kind of exercises. Maybe thats the reason my weight has not increased inspite of eating all times and no exercise.

Todays post was inspired after listening to Baba RamdevJi's lectures for two days. Finally.. I did it.

I have started a set of exercises recommended by Babaji followed by pranayam.

I will make an entry everyday and check myself in.  Lets see whether this will be another futile start or something does happen because of this..

Good night everyone.. and Good day to everyone at the other end of the world..

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