Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 - A new beginning - Day 2

Day 2 as Day 1 was the day I took a plunge and decided to do it.. but Day 1 and Day 2 started late.. They should have started on 1st of January 2015 , well it took lot of resolve and lot of determination to reach to this point. It took days of thinking and pondering whether to do it or not, whether to invest my time in something else.

Lets assume that Day 18 is Day 2 and the Last day for this challenge will be Day 17 of January 2016.

Day 18 = Day 2 

The above formula looks nice. Somehow I was feeling like writing a mathematical formula in my post and voila' here it is.. 

So day 2 started I woke up at 8 am with some excuses from the lazy side of me like of its already late, now you have to make tea and by the time you are ready for yoga exercises it will be time or breakfast. Since yesterday I had heard Ramdevji in the evening and started the whole routine during evening the memories and experiences were fresh in mind and body. The better side of me was stronger today and made it a resolve to do the yoga no matter what. I promised to myself not to put anything in my mouth unless I do it.. if not exercise, at least do the pranayams.

I finally got up and started making tea. Made it and kept everything on hold to start my morning exercises. Hurrah. I did manage to finish the first day successfully.

The whole experience has given me some energy and a further resolve to continue this tomorrow. Lets say.. this time I will take each challenge per day..

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